A multi-platform adventure game is now in the hottest furnace of its development

The sneak peak of my new 'Adventure Game'

A sketch of a scene of my new ‘Adventure Game’

A video showing my drawing process of the image

the player sprite being encouraged around the bonfire.

a launch screen

The above can be, by now, the sneak peek of the game said above that had struck me in the middle of other game, for it’ll be soon revealed even before “The Critter” which is postponed.  It can be played across all the platforms of Apple Inc. such as iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS.

iOS game: the story of iOS game development with a series of animations

Site Icon of The Critter Apple with animation

The Critter Apple snoring

This is my story of an iOS game development which is a new iPhone game being designed, tested, being improved daily, myself hoping it to be completed as soon as possible.  The game has now a temporary name “The Critter”  Those animations down below may give you the hint of it.

I can not add here all the stories of mine as they makes the way. However, I hope to prove the project is very active and under lots of tests so much so that I have hastily added few of them, the iOS game development, here.

Here is one of animations I created.

I’m making a new game dubbed “The Critter” and this is an animation I’ve made for it.

And my game at level one will have 5-7 critters.  This is a critter as animated above which resembles an apple that appears at level one of the game.

This iPhone/iPad app will be an original game, not having any magical features but natural, albeit unreal to a modern person.

And here is a slightest hint of ambient object:

Testing of adding background to the animation.

And I did add a slight improvement to the above as it happened below: the reason I call it dull dancing is that it is not the final animation for it but was made for a test.


For I have lots of idea of more interesting dancing it would have soon.   There are three sort of creatures in the game: critters, ambients and objects.

You might not know how I can call an object a kind of creature.  However this verse of Scripture gives its support: Matthew 3:9 “and do not think to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones”.  Thus I had no problem.