Birdie’s Dream

About the game: The Short Version

I have been making this game for 5 years.

It is adventure + puzzle + arcade.

You evade, scare off, punch away A.I. monsters in a vast space of the unknown world as you find the puzzle entities and solving their puzzles.

Upon successful solving the puzzle, you’ll regenerate health and gain a new ability and control button, depending on the character of the puzzle entity in the game.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a game like this, this is a game for you.

VIII. Core gameplay - a list of 3 to 5 core gameplay mechanisms available to your player:​

1. Explore Area

2. Solve Puzzles

3. Obtain Ability Items & Control Buttons (Reward)

4. Evade, Scare, Punch Away Monsters

5. Unlock New Level

IX. What are the 5 features making your game unique in comparison to other games on the market and why are they unique?

1. Experience the big, mysterious world without needing to load a new scene. And it will make the player feel more freedom.
To do this, I have to load the necessary entities in a multi-threaded way as the player character moves beyond the screen.
(However,, I would improve the performance further if this game is funded.)
2. Like a well-designed arcade game, It is free from the fixed storyline of an adventure game that the player should follow.
To do this, I have designed rule-based programming and a decision tree: it is not hard-coded. Thus, in several minutes I can change the rules.
Each level can be easily modified with these rules: I might add more complexity in the rules and puzzles if it is necessary and this game is funded.
3. This game does NOT contain obscene content.
4. Built-in SpriteKit, GameplayKit

And more:

5. This game shall be the easiest one for a starter who has NOT YET played an adventure game or a role-playing game in his or her life.
6. Monster’s Coordinated Attacking, Fleeing Behaviors feels Natural and Organic: Apple’s Rule-based A.I. is backing the technology.
7. Monster will change its form to a more fierce one in metamorphosis when the unexpected weather of the scene changes.
8. The ‘difficulty level’ increases when the player had the upper-hand over monsters, or does it decreases when the A.I. rule is met.
9. Lots of puzzles in the game which are easily editable in several minutes.
10. Lots of ‘puzzle entities’ will keep you busy and immersed, whose rules are easily editable in several minutes.
11. Creative defense strategies will save the character “Birdie” out of the hands of monsters.
12. When the character “Birdie” dies, you will love to be scared.
13. AI HUD(artificial intelligence head-up display), which a curious gamer may enjoy what’s going on under the hood.

“Birdie’s Dream” begins with the following Story​

One day, Birdie fell asleep into a mysterious dream, spinning in a whirl in deep space.

And then she found herself set in a beautiful but unknown world.

And she walked through the fascinating sun-setting light, being led by an indescribable force.

Continuous thundering, lightning around her…

When Birdie arrived at a certain place, it was in the middle of a forest which she had never heard of,

full of strangeness and dreadful monsters.

However, it struck her mind that it is maybe an underworld which

might also reflect the world where she was.

At a loss to be standing there, a big campfire before her appeased little her fear.

And she started to pray, wishing for help from God.

Birdie's Dream


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