A good game can light the world that God will be glorified.

The Picture of Sungwook Kim

This photo was taken around August 2015 in South Korea

I’m an independent game developer whose games are conforming to the doctrine of Christ Jesus, discerning the truth from the cunning deceptions and wolves wearing skin of lamb in the wisdom from God the Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Seeing around what’s happening to me and my works, I’d realized that the mark of beast and the image were already here and have been persevering in doing the only good project before God until now, bearing His reproach. What I found was there should be at least several games which does not receive the mark of the beast or the image or the number that I have been making the current game which will be good.

​​In all your ways acknowledge Him,​​ And He shall direct your paths.

Proverb 3:6

As written in Bible, God has been directing me paths, I felt in spirit, which my work will manifest when finished.

In a nutshell, I’m always very thankful to God Jesus Christ our savior who has given me not only salvation but also many good things all throughout my whole life, even this earthly ministry, praising the Lord!